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Beauty Alert: The New Hair Colour You Need to Know

Glossy blonde at Missoni A/W ’12 thanks to Illumina colour.

Hair brand Wella recently conducted a survey on women’s views on hair colour. While it’s not news that 54% of women feel more confident with freshly coloured hair, what is interesting is that 77% of us have had a colour revamp in the last year and 83% have had one in the last two years. Clearly, we’re currently not satisfied with our current hair hue – natural or not. It got me thinking about my own current colour overhaul…

I’ve highlighted my naturally dark blonde hair since I was 16. I’ve been all shades of the pale hue – from platinum, to flaxen and creamy wheat. I even weaved a few mousey lowlights into the mix in my early twenties. What I’ve never been is golden blonde. Show me any caramel, honeyed or strawberry lock and I’ll head straight to the salon for a heavy dose of brass-busting bleach. My unreasonable fear of any blonde shade short of an ash-tone once forced my former colourist to dub me ‘blondorexic’, as he was positive I was seeing brassy tones where there were only champagne. Still, being my pale shade of blonde simply makes me happy. But for some strange reason due to either a change in water source (I’ve recently moved), age (I just said goodbye to my twenties), or using the wrong products (hair oils can sometimes deposit colour on blondes) my hair keeps turning brassy after one wash post-salon visit. Enter Illumina Colour. I discovered it at Josh Wood’s London Atelier in an attempt to once again ‘de-brass’ my hair. I emerged with a shiny, super glossy mane of beige-y blonde tresses. Success! I’m not sure whether it’s my colourist Sally’s highlighting technique or her suggestion to use a neutralising lavender shampoo once a week at home (I sometimes use Wella Professional’s Silver Blonde Shampoo twice a week) but the colour has lasted a solid eight weeks now. Here’s why I’m totally sold on it: First, it’s gentle on hair. It uses micro-particle technology to grab onto harsh metals left on the hair (from washing, pollution, etc.) and keep them out of the colour equation. The result? It prevents hair cuticle damage, meaning your hair stays in tip top condition each time you colour. Secondly, it looks natural. “It gives a more translucent effect because it’s not about slamming as much colour as you can into the hair shaft,” says Josh Wood, Wella’s Global Creative Director. Finally, the shine I get is unbelievable, especially for being blonde! Surface shine comes from light reflecting off of a clean smooth surface, so the condition of your hair cuticle (an undamaged hair cuticle lies flat and smooth) is key for getting that coveted shine. “You just have to see it to believe it,” says Wood. My glossy, champagne-hued mane is definitely worth at least a few glances.

By, Malena Harbers

Wella Professionals Illumina colour, from £50


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