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Bracing myself… Part 9

Lunch time

A day in the life
As I’m edging closer to the end of my treatment, I thought it might be helpful to share a diary of a single day of my life in braces. I chose to document last Thursday, as it was a typical day in the office, followed by a typical night catching up with friends. Apart from realising

10 tips to look great on the beach this summer


Get your zzz’s
“Exercise is of course key to looking great in your bikini but the priority should be sleep, hydration and eating healthily, all before exercise,” says Bootcamp Pilates trainer Harry Rowland. “If all three of these pillars are in place that’s when you’ll really see the changes take place in your body from exercise.”
Flatter your figure
“If you don’t like

Bracing myself… Part 8

Invis 2

Traveling with Invisalign
I recently got back from a heavenly trip to Tulum in Mexico. When I’m on holiday I like to relax, and by relax, I mean eat and drink whatever I want, whenever I want. So, given that guacamole and tequila are in my top 10 favourite things of all time, I was anxious that my Invisalign routine would

Bracing myself… Part 7

Brace 2

Invisalign: The Pros and Cons
Before I embarked on my Invisalign treatment, I spent a long time (like, years) thinking about it. I’m a total commitment-phobe, and the thought of being tied to orthodontic treatment for a year or more of my life seemed impossible. What if I decided to pack in my job and go traveling? What if Ryan Gosling

5 reasons why you need to know what a reformer is

With bodyweight training touted as the hottest workout for 2014 and pilates now a mainstream fitness trend, any discerning fitness fiend needs to be well acquainted with the dynamic pilates reformer. It’s a sleek machine that uses pulleys, springs and straps to help boost your resistance when it comes to bodyweight training. Here, Bootcamp Pilates instructor Sam Gurner tells us why you

10 reasons why pilates will keep you motivated (and fit!)

Bootcamp Pilates Studio 2

It’s dark, it’s rainy and all we want to do post-workday is get into our pj’s, sit on the couch and watch repeats of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ on the telly. But if, like us, you’re on countdown to a sunny beach holiday there are certain types of exercise that will keep you motivated to getting – and staying

Bracing myself… Part 6

InStyle’s Beauty Writer Jessica Tibbits is embracing braces at the age of 28.
I thought December would be disastrous. Dinners, drinks and partying virtually every night, a pre-Christmas shopping trip to New York, and 10-days at home consuming my own body weight in mince pies, mulled wine and turkey could only mean one thing: my Invisalign brace neglected in its box,

Bracing myself… Part 5

brace kit

InStyle’s Beauty Writer Jessica Tibbits is embracing braces at the age of 28.
Two months into my Invisalign treatment, and I’ve totally adjusted to life with a brace.
I’m not going to lie; the first week was agony. My mouth, clearly unhappy with the two plastic aligners I’d forced into it, struggled to adjust – my tongue and cheeks were cut to

InStyle Pilates Challenge: 30 days to get fit

My post-pilates skin kit.

It’s the final week of my Bootcamp Pilates challenge. I’ve gotten used to the shuffle of fitting four classes into my work schedule and early mornings are no longer a challenge when my alarm clock goes off. Plus, the results I’ve had (a fitter, tighter and more toned physique) have motivated me to try and maintain a routine of at

InStyle’s Pilates Challenge: 30 days to get fit


And I’m through to week four of my four-week x four classes Bootcamp Pilates challenge. Here’s how week three went:
Class of the week: Maria Cruz’s 7pm Friday evening session. Maria’s classes are silent killers. She keeps a slow and steady pace – swapping between legs, arms, upper back and core exercises – which lulls you into a false sense