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A Very Good Vintage

By Olivia Grant

Nothing says fabulous like an Adler armed guard ringing your doorbell. Especially when the grey leather envelope being delivered contains enough loaned yellow diamonds to re-mortgage my house.

‘You’re signing your life away there miss’ the guard jokes as I literally DO NOT pause to read the insurance small print and reach hungrily for the package like a modern-day Golum.

But my word does this necklace deserve the term ‘my preccciiiooouuusss.’ The diamond collar is BIG and BLING and paired with a canary yellow silk chiffon Jean Desses 1956 gown from WilliamVintage lying in wait on my sofa this outfit is up there as one of the more exciting that I’ve ever been allowed to wear.

This pre-BAFTA party was being hosted at the new St Pancras Hotel by WilliamVintage and Gillian Anderson and my this place is lofty.  As we sat under the glass roof which encases the whole of the hotel’s central atrium there was something decidedly decadent about nibbling nougat delivered after dessert in mini chests of drawers.

That was just before I discovered the waistband on the Desses had grown marginally more excruciating in response to aggressive confectionery consumption…and I made an early-ish exit. You have to suffer for haute couture vintage I was assured. But I sure was glad to see the elasticated waistband on my pyjama bottoms that night…

@olivia_grant xxxx

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