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Fashion Tantrums And Temperley

By Olivia Grant

It’s raining during faaashion week and there are predictably no cabs.

‘Don’t go ANYWHERE!’ girls can be heard screaming over shoulders to befuddled Addison Lee drivers whilst navigating cobbles in Louboutins to the Alice Temperley show.

The gilt-laden entry hall at No. 1 Westminster is bustling with pre-show hysteria.

Now I love fashion but there is a hungriness to LFW when suddenly you realise that there are people that care a LOT more. And I mean a LOT.

This isn’t a casual ‘OMG that’s so cute I’m so going to tweet that’ kind of vibe it’s more ‘If I’m not brushing thighs with an Editor in Chief and Alice’s evening gowns aren’t actually wafting in my FACE I’m firing my department’ kind of buzz.

Oh and someone on third row is sporting a hat which is basically a large stuffed pheasant with feather train. Taxidermy is in evidently. Good to know.

The lights go down and there are some pretty kickass diamante-encrusted floor length lace gowns paired with black fur Cossack hats. Not a combo I think I’ll be emulating anytime soon but looked pretty fabulous on the catwalk.

And then it’s over and there is the scrambling for the door…it takes a few apple Ciroc martinis over at 50 St James’s for the fashion crowd to relax and finally admit to having a good time…

@olivia_grant xxx

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