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It’s all about the T

You’d think we’d have had enough of t-shirts by now. But the perennial clothing staple just keeps on updating. T by Alexander Wang got us into the racerback, Splendid has us wowowowing over its bright colours and who can resist James Perse’s almost magical oh-so-softness. In short, the t-shirt has officially segued from basic item to style statement.

Cue cult new t-shirt brand, Serge DeNimes, where it’s all about the photograph. As with any self-respecting t-shirt brand, the 10 tees are super soft, considerately cut (slim cut rather than WAG-ishly tight, long enough to pull down over your waistband, that kinda shizz) and feature cool snaps from the 1978 Rio de Janeiro Carnival, taken by photographers Lena Proudlock and Douglas Villiers and transferred onto the t-shirts using 4 layers of silkscreen. Even better, they’re unisex – buy one for your boyfriend and then you can snaffle it for yourself. Easy.

T-shirts are £55 from

By Pandora Sykes

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