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Merry Christmas from Olivia Grant!

When the billionaire and movie mogul Howard Hughes refused to leave the penthouse of ‘The Desert Inn Hotel,’ and wore tissue boxes for shoes he was shunned as an eccentric…But let me tell you, after a stint in the fabulous Bottega Venetta suite at the St. Regis Florence, Hughes’ insistence on hotel living is starting to SERIOUSLY resonate with me!

Okay, I’m not (as yet!?) sending instructions to the hotel staff to only pick up objects with tissue, but I am pretty sure they are going to have to prise me out of here. For one, Andrea my butler, (yes I have a butler and I am super chilled about it,) insists on bringing tiny Florentine pastries on gilded china with my hot chocolate.
For seconds, the bespoke designer room is so cripplingly stylish that I’ve developed a sort of Hughes-esque OCD desire to keep everything immaculate… this is a seriously luxurious slippery slope.

Indeed it has been a week of all things Florentine as the last couple of days also saw Mayfair’s Burlington Arcade play host to the most extraordinary two hundred person dinner to celebrate the 75th year of Salvatore Ferragamo. With red roses and candles snaking the entire length of the table, everyone having been decked out by Ferragamo, and Jessica Alba hosting with her glossy ombre locks, we could all have been at an Italian Christmas wedding, albeit an EXTREMELY stylish one…

Mayfair seems very far away as I slip into a semi-coma in the St. Regis Florence Spa; the Iridium Suites. After an hour of soaking in the LED-lit jacuzzi under a giant crystal chandelier I’ve come to think this is what Christmas is really about…watching your skin gradually crinkle as you contemplate how far away you are from the seasonal mayhem of London…
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!@olivia_grant

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