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Olivia Grant hits Cannes!

“They think I’m coming already?… you’re all there?…okay… well I’ll see you tomorrow morning then…”

And that was how easy it was to persuade me to come to Cannes for a 21-hour stopover.

Now I’m not saying it was big, I’m not saying it was clever, but I’m not sure I cared as I danced barefooted to Katy Perry’s “Part of Me” on Eva Longoria’s yacht with only a couple of hours to spare before my return flight.

I remained exuberant when I realised that I’d committed myself to heading straight from Heathrow to the Audi Polo at Cowdray Park… having willfully skipped a night’s sleep to party with people who were mainly already on my Blackberry Messenger.

You can’t skip Polo. Polo is British. And sensible. And one must come rested and put divots back in holes and such like. Which I did. Despite my friend accusing me of looking like I was going to a wedding at an event which he described as being like a  ‘Point to Point where people just try harder’.

I was so tired in the car home I was ALMOST too pooped to tweet.

Well… almost.

Thank you weekend. You have been excellent

@olivia_grant xxxx

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