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Photo shoots, voice-overs and city secrets…

By Olivia Grant

Back from LA LA land and hit the ground running with a photo shoot at the Chocolate Towers. The interior of this NW1 photographic studio is about as magical as it sounds, looking as it does like Liberty’s back-catalogue meets casually abandoned items from Cher’s closet. Key. Not to look impressed. This five-tiered fantasy house is just ‘work.’ If possible look bored. Very bored. Particularly when five bodyguards have been provided by Adler to protect the 14 million pounds worth of jewellery I’m wearing.

Jet lag has occasioned an involuntary 3am wake up so I’m bright and early for the recording studio session in Fulham the next day, doing voice overlays for BBC1’s Garrow’s Law. There’s only one line that the sound department needs to have re-recorded but the line is long and so, it seems, will be this studio session.

Tim the sound editor, as yet unknowing about the epic session ahead of him, pins a microphone to my top and tells me to reproduce what I’ve done in accordance with the footage played on a large screen at one end of the studio.

FORTY EIGHT minutes later (production having optimistically scheduled only fifteen!) I’m sweating, Tim’s also sweating and just manages to stop his voice from quivering as he pipes into the sound booth, ‘Errr Olivia, I think we might be getting a bit bogged down here!’

Other finds this week:

1) The Riding House Cafe (very chic steak tartare on the marble topped bar)

2) Essie’s new long-lasting nail varnish range ‘Artistic’ which beats Shellac as the colours are designed by Chanel’s very own Tom Batick (ask for Grace at Charles Worthington 02078315303)


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