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Ping Pong and other escapades







Harriet Hall is InStyle’s Girl About Town

Possessing a penchant for the most juvenile extra-curricular activities (my previous two birthdays were spent at Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes and Laser Quest) meant that the launch party for a Ping Pong bar was the perfect fit. Inspired by the sport’s recent surge of popularity, Bounce, in Holborn, is a restaurant-cum-bar-cum-Ping-Pong-club, based on the same site where the game was trademarked in 1901.



There are 17 tables (one of which was scooped directly from the Olympic Village, complete with Team GB Olympians for the night), there are yummy cocktails and there’s pizza. Sounding pretty good? There was also a photo booth which is my mark of any decent venue because, let’s be honest, that can never get boring. I’ll definitely be returning.



Being able to pop across to the Tate Modern during the lunch break is a definite advantage to InStyle HQ being on London’s Bankside. Notebooks in tow, we headed to Edvard Munch: The Modern Eye, to marvel at the artist’s ability at representing the soul’s inner anguish (well, some of us only wanted to hit the gift shop, but I won’t name names). Turns out, Munch was more ahead of his time that we’d previously thought, taking photographs which pre-empted the My Space era, and duplicating works of art in a Warhol-esque bid to meet demands by collectors. There’s even a vampire painting – what a trendsetter.



If I had one thing to recommend come November, it would be to go and see Marion Cotillard in Jacques Audiard’s visceral Rust & Bone. Cotillard pays a killer whale trainer who, after a horrific accident, is left minus both legs. She meets Matthias, a bouncer and street fighter (just incase you doubted his masculinity) and through their friendship she regains the will to live. The film is beautifully shot, immensely moving and manages to turn a Katy Perry song into a poignant ballad – quite some feat. My only question would be: Is sleeping with a muscly, sweaty womanizer the surefire way to bring an amputee out of a suicidal slump? How very French.

My favourite event this week (and call me materialistic) was receiving these beautiful 24 carat gold and sterling silver stacking rings from Daisy jewellery (other jewellery is available). I went for my own initials, but if you’re a bit more romantic and a bit less of a narcissist than I am, wearing them for a loved one is also an idea. I can’t stop staring at them. The only problem is that ‘H’ is a bit of a nightmare letter, and keeps ripping holes in my jumpers, so I’d recommend these for someone whose name starts with a safe ‘O’, if you want your cashmere to remain intact.


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