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We’re checking out the boys!

By Kristin Knox

This is my first time attending the menswear shows in Milan and Paris, and from the moment I arrived at the Stazione Centrale to find three smiling Rick Owens-clad fashion boys (Rick Owens-clad fashion girls are often physically incapable of smiling), offering to help me drag my unseemly luggage from train to cab, I could feel a different atmosphere in the air.

Menswear is so chill, people have been telling me as much for ages, but jaded bloginista that I am, I somehow wrote them off, feeling that, deep down, fashion is fashion. But I was wrong. The atmosphere here in Milan during menswear, tropical summertime heat and sunshine making gelato between shows a must, is positively jovial and fresh.

No one is exhausted after the long haul from New York and London, the shows are fewer and farther between, giving you actual time to leg it from one to the other with minimal stress, and then, there are the boys.

Dressed down in tees (many of them escape from shows via glamorous transports such as skateboards whereas the girls are whisked into towncars with blackened windows), they chat, they smile and pose for the cameras happily as they exit the shows. So I share with you a selection of off-duty eye candy, as just comparing the skater-style of many of the boys, their casual slouches and smirking grins with the likes of the behind the scenes icon that has now become the female model off duty, confirms the age old adage: girls will be girls, and boys will be boys.

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